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I think it is only fair if I write my next column about men’s orgasms, since I covered women’s orgasms already. I hope it has helped women out there to have some great orgasms by now. I’m not sure if this column will be as long or as informative.

Most men learn at a very early age that their penis gets hard, and that if they touch, it feels great! Men start to self-love long before most of us women do. Men stroke it in the morning and in the afternoon and they stroke it in the evening underneath the moon. I have driven down the road and seen a man on more than one occasion stroke it while driving; and the police worry about cell phones. Someone once told me that, while in the shower, if he closes his eyes and turns his hand backward, it feels like someone else is stroking it for him.

Men seem to love oral a lot, but who are we kidding, so do I. Now, the age old question! Does she swallow? Really, dude, does it matter? If she is down there giving you oral for your pleasure, when you cum, be glad she got you there. I tell people, when they ask my opinion, “Firstly, it is full of protein. Then, it depends on where I am. If I’m in my bed, I swallow that protein. If I am in his bed, I don’t have to wash the sheets. If you want your man to climax faster for whatever reason, then take control. Tell him to grab your hair and make you do it! This seems to turn men on more and they ejaculate much quicker. Then, you can get back to your movie, your text messages or whatever you wanted to do.
A part of the man’s body that is usually left untouched is his nipples. Their nipples can be very sensitive and, used properly, can stimulate men the same as a woman’s nipples can.  A man’s g-spot is in an unusual spot. It is in his anus. Not sure whose idea it was to put it there.  Most would answer, “Must have been a woman’s idea!” It is also known as the prostate and, rubbed the right way, can increase a man’s orgasm dramatically.
Men can have orgasms without having to ejaculate; they can also ejaculate without an orgasm. It’s usually due to medication. A man can ejaculate when his penis is not hard, that’s called raping it! Sometimes, men come close to orgasm and don’t get to climax. This can cause something called blue balls. That is when the sperm is brought to his penis and fills his balls and then gets shut down for whatever reason. This can be painful at times. Sometimes, men enjoy orgasm denial. This is done for short term or can last even up to a year. The chastity belt can be used so he can’t have one on his own. This involves high levels of self-control. My lover said he loved orgasm denial because it put him in that state of mind that men feel just before they climax. He sometimes vibrated for days and I would stimulate him both in bed and on the phone to keep him there.
Many men ask, “How do I learn not to climax so quickly?” It takes a willingness of self-control and someone that will stop whenever he says wait! My lover always repeated the words dead rabbits, dead rabbit, dead rabbits to keep himself intact. Not sure why he thought about rabbits but it seemed to work great for him. He learned such good control that he could go for hours without having to ejaculate.
It is not uncommon for men to want or need many orgasms a day, whether it is with a partner or all alone. While others can go years without it, the best orgasms men have told me about are when they see stars! I’m not sure if it’s the orgasm or if they smashed their heads on the headboard when they had the orgasm!
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The word I will describe today is vanilla, as many people have asked what it is. First, it is the nicest smelling perfume I own and is known to be a man’s aphrodisiac. In the term I was using in my introduction column, vanilla is a word that is used in the BDSM lifestyle to describe the people that are not into kink or BDSM. Some people would say they are the normal people. I say describe normal!!!
Ciao Velvet