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Velvet’s Ins and Outs

These are the ins and outs of Velvet’s sex toys. These are very simple ideas that one can do for more fun in, and out, of the bedroom. Toys were meant to be played with and to add excitement to our sex lives. Toys were made to help with foreplay. Toys also make self-loving much easier. When we are young, we are taught to share our toys with our friends; so use them when with someone! It is not recommended to share our toys with our friends that we do not share our bed with, but share ideas. Not sure why it is that, when we were kids we got a new toy and we wouldn’t put it down and couldn’t get enough time with our toy, but we forget that when we grow up.

Remote control vibrating bullet:

In: it can be used when alone or with a partner, while in any part of the home. Be sure to test for distance. Put it in her vagina, it makes for good foreplay while making supper or during cleanup, while watching TV, or it makes housework seem to go by quicker.

Out: take it on the road. Before leaving the house, slide the bullet inside her vagina. Once in the vehicle and on the way, you’re your lover the remote and enjoy the ride! This also is great to make grocery shopping more fun! For those of us that are single, if there is a friend that would enjoy having the remote, pass it over when meeting at Tim Horton’s. If your friend has no idea what it is, lean against him or her, and it won’t take long to figure out. If at a restaurant, place it on the table. It heightens the mood just thinking someone will see it and know what it is! Odds are no one will even notice! If they do, what will they say?

Sexy lingerie is just that – sexy! Most men are excited to just see it on a woman. I find black and red with lace works best. Whether a lady sleeps naked or in pj’s, his eyes will light up when lingerie is put on. Don’t forget the garter belt and stockings. Stop worrying about your fat, because he isn’t looking at it right now, all he’s thinking about is how sexy you look for him!

Out: for lingerie, put it on when leaving to go out for the evening, wear under a dress whether heading to a wedding, or if just going out for supper. Make sure he knows about the lingerie, as it makes him think about it every time he looks over! Sometimes, just a quick peek, getting out of the vehicle, or a whisper in his ear. Make sure to wait until arrival at the destination, as you want it to be foreplay, not the reason for being late.

Chastity belt: the best one, to my knowledge, is the CB2000, and it can be easily purchased online. When at home, it can be worn on a man’s penis as to tease and torture him all evening, and this will control and excite him.

When he wears his CB out, he feels the control his partner has on him and he can’t do anything with his penis unless his partner says so! Even when he has to pee, he must sit down or risk it splashing all over the place and on himself. It will drive him crazy, knowing his partner controls his penis even when she isn’t around.

I’ve mentioned my electric toothbrush before, so it’s a given!!! It’s inexpensive, easy to use, just keep the battery charged, and apply gently to the clit! Can be used alone or with a friend!

Out: This toy travels easily! When going through customs, there is no embarrassing moment when the customs agent pulls it out of your suitcase, unlike an 8 inch dildo! The chances of it turning on accidentally and everyone wondering what is making the luggage vibrate are now very unlikely! So I’d say this is a win/win!

Butt plug: definitely not for me, but others love them! No pun intended! Some can have vibrators inserted inside so they vibrate on a man’s prostate.

Out: A butt plug in public can be used as a form of punishment and one must make sure to keep it in or risk it popping out and rolling across the floor during an important meeting. I bet no one would say it was theirs.

Smells can always be an added addition to your relationship! I have worn my vanilla perfume for years, and I still have men tell me that they think of me when they smell vanilla!

Coconut oil has become very popular and smells great. It can be melted all over bodies when giving and getting a great massage. Then, make love and feel great against each other’s bodies! It can be used as a moisturizer and it’s a reminder of the great night you just had! I brush my teeth with it every day!

Mutual masturbation: this can be fun with each other; a temptation, but no touching one another!

Out: This is also enjoyable when ones’ partner is at work and just a phone call away. Find a quiet place, call your partner, and enjoy self-loving over the phone! Caution – make sure to be alone!

I believe one of the biggest assets we are all born with is our imagination. Part of growing up should not be to lose it! Tap into that imagination and make a date night with your partner, buy some costumes and learn a different kind of role playing!

Above all, safety first and remember – we are all adults, so enjoy and have fun!

On a side note, I have been asked by men, “Why does my wife not like sex anymore?” So, I’m asking my readers for the answer. I understand that most people reading my column are doing so because they don’t hate sex! So, if you know someone that does hate it, give her my address and ask her to write! If she wants to remain anonymous, tell her to put that in the letter. Unless she wants you to know that the problem is because of you!

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Ciao, Velvet