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Sex Slave

Living in the BDSM world can be exciting at times and disappointing at others. One would think having control over a partner is exactly what they want, and for some, it is. Finding someone to control is incredibly hard, and seeing others that have found a partner leaves you wishing you had the same. What’s even more frustrating is talking to someone and they sound perfect for you, only to find out they were just saying what they thought you wanted to hear! Many times, once meeting them in person, it takes only a few minutes to realize they are fakes.

A sex slave is someone that is chosen by a Domme/Dom to perform all sexual duties needed, at any point in time. The perfect sex slave is on call 24/7 and is only a phone call away. Many times, vanilla relationships have the same type of friendships. Many women have had men in life that we call at a moment’s notice to say, “Get your ass over here, I need sex!” Within driving time, he is at the doorstep and ready to make love. In the vanilla world, these men are our “bang buddies” or “friends with benefits.” Once they’re done, either they stay for the night or they leave and wait for a call to come again. These kinds of relationships are becoming more common. Many people are tired of failed relationships, whether mentally or physically abused, we don’t want to have a commitment with anyone. Many people have been through rough divorces that have cost them everything, so they don’t want to do that again. Some just want their freedom to do as they please. So, whether they become sex slaves or bang buddies, it seems to be the trend so many are taking.

In the BDSM world, it is similar. The submissive is called upon, but instead of just coming to have sex, he comes to perform in whatever way his Domme wishes. His intent is to pleasure her in whatever way strikes her fancy at that moment. A sex slave is there to be trained to please his Domme, and that can change as her mood changes, at a moment’s notice. While making love, it is about what she wants. Today, she may want an orgasm and, if so, the submissive will show up and do just that. After giving her an orgasm, the sub may be ordered to leave. A properly trained sub will get dressed and leave as ordered, without a thought about himself or his orgasm, and be satisfied that he has done a great job.

In the vanilla world, people look at this as, “There must be some wrong with this guy”, but how many times have women went to bed with a man and he blows his load and rolls over and goes to sleep, or he gets up and leaves. It’s the same thing, the only difference is, he doesn’t say anything, he just expects it.

With a sex slave, when having sex, he must be able to do so without cumming. Whether it takes 5 minutes or 5 hours, and yes with practice men can do this, if the Domme chooses to stop before he cums, then that is up to her. The sub is only allowed to cum with her permission. If he has lost his control and cums accidentally, he is then punished. The next time, he will work harder to do a better job.

A sex slave is often used for other pleasures as well. If the Domme needs yard work done or dishes done, the slave will put on his garden gloves or an apron and be happy that he is serving her in a way that makes her happy. Sex slaves are trained in worshipping any or all of their Domme’s body parts. It is their job to massage with either their hands or, more often, with their tongue. At times, if his Domme needs to vent or get rid of some aggression, said sub will allow his Domme the use of his ass to unload said aggression. If the Domme is in need of sex, her slave will do whatever it takes to make sure she is pleasured when and where she demands it.

Most sex slaves wear a chastity belt. It is a device that is worn over the penis, like a cage, and then locked and the Domme keeps the key. This is known as “locked down.” As I mentioned in a previous column, he must sit to pee. This is done for different reasons. One would wear a belt to remind him that he is owned by his Domme. Another reason is so said slave cannot use his penis to masturbate. Of course, also to prevent him from using it to please other women. I’m sure there are plenty of women out there that wish they could put one on their husband. Yes, these can also be purchased for women as well!

Being a submissive is not for everyone, nor should it be. We all have our quirks and our vices. I’ve always believed that if no one loses an eye, then no one is getting hurt (unless they want to!) We are all adults. What’s wrong with roleplaying or wrapping someone up in saran wrap and having your way with them?Life is too short to waste on worrying about who is going to be offended. The world is full of people that just have nothing better to do than worry about people that don’t follow their way of life and others who are jealous because they didn’t think of it first! Just because someone doesn’t move to the beat of your drum, it doesn’t make them crazy, it just makes them different than you!

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