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 Velvet’s Merrier Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I’d send everyone an idea for something to do as we prepare. I thought it would be nice to do something for the adults. We have all seen the advent calendars out there with chocolate, Hotwheels, Lego, and many other things. My thought is to make your own calendar, but use kinky, sexy ideas. Take the 24 days before Christmas and divide them in half, leaving 12 for her and 12 for him. Now, write down ideas on paper or cut out any of my suggestions. Fold them and put a 1 on hers and a 2 on his. Next, put them all together, then mix them up and put them on a board or paper. Next, number them 1 to 24.


I’m sure you know how the calendars work, starting at 1, but this time, look at whether it has a 1 or a 2. Do not open it in front of your partner. Whoever wrote the idea will spend the day planning for that evening. The person that didn’t write it will spend the day wondering what kind of night it’s going to be. I will write a few ideas here that you may enjoy, or you may alter them to suit you better. For those of us that are single, we can use some of these to entertain a friend over the holidays or just to have some great thought as we wait for the new year to begin.


If the idea says, “tie your partner”, you will tie your partner to the bed. For this, you can use a robe belt, panty hose, a tie, rope, or whatever else that can be found to use. If nothing can be found to tie your partner to the bed, then go under the mattress, that works well too.


  1. “Tie your partner”. Starting at the toes, nibble or kiss every inch of your partner and then make love to them. Then untie them.
  2. Buy maraschino cherries and take 12 of them and place in an ice cube tray, put one in each compartment and fill with water. Put it in the freezer. When you are ready use the ice cubes on each other, take turns melting the cubes and then eating the cherry. The warmer the spot, the quicker the cube melts.
  3. When leaving the house, text your partner once an hour for 8 hours. Tell him 8 different things you will be doing to him in the bedroom that night. Make sure to do them before you go to sleep at night!
  4. Set your alarm for2:00 in the morning and make sure your partner doesn’t hear it. Slide down into the sheet and give your partner oral.
  5. Time for a shower together. Wash your partner from head to toe. Now, give your partner oral. Dry him when you are done.
  6. Greet your partner at the door with the drink of their choice. Escort them to the eating area for a supper you know he will enjoy. Clear the table and climb up to be his desert!
  7. Put on a movie you will both enjoy. During the movie, bring out a fondue pot of melted chocolate and a dish of cut up strawberries, bananas, and pineapple. Take the leftover chocolate and drizzle it over each others’ private parts and enjoy licking it off.
  8. “Tie your partner”. Blindfold him and have a feather to tease him with. Mix the feather with your tongue and lips until he goes crazy. Then, make love and untie him when half-way through.
  9. Go somewhere that you have never made love before and do it.
  • Buy a shower curtain and cover the bed. Now, cover each other in oil and make love (one of my faves).
  • Buy a massage candle, light it before going to bed so that it has time to melt and warm up your night. Remove your clothes, and then your partner’s clothes and lay them on the bed and, using the warm wax, give your partner a full body massage!
  • Using a deck of cards, play war. Whoever loses each round must remove a piece of clothing. Game continues until someone is naked. Not sure who is considered the loser here.
  • “Tie your partner”. Blindfold your partner. Start oral for a count of 25, then stop, repeat. Have a hot drink and a bowl of ice cubes handy. Each time you start again, use ice and then alter each time and have a hot drink.
  • Both people must wear clothes to bed and kiss passionately for an hour. Both must use hands to touch each other, but not under the clothes. If this can last for an hour, then slowly remove each others’ clothes and finish making love.
  • Wearing a long coat and only a negligee, panty hose, and heels, surprise him at work.
  • “Tie your partner”. Blindfold your partner and use a feather to tease and torment him.
  • Buy a large roll of Saran wrap, and have your partner stand with his hands by his side and hold a piece and then start to turn in a circular motion. As you move the roll up and down his body, keep his penis and mouth open. When he is wrapped, lay him on the bed and finish with his feet. He remains there for you to enjoy at your leisure. Be sure to use caution when cutting him out. (Velvet’s pick)
  • Print something you found online (preferably something hot and heavy) and read it to your partner when you are both naked and in bed.
  • Buy the ingredients you need to make banana splits, then use each other’s body to eat the treat so that no spoon is allowed and when it is time to eat, only one banana is required.
  • Plan a night out. Have your partner go to a restaurant or club and then you can show up shortly after. Sit at a table or chair close to them, pretending not to know each other. Flirt and seduce him, first from afar and then move in for the kill, until you can convince your partner to take you home.
  • Buy a remote control vibrator, and go out for a nice dinner. Go to the washroom to insert it in the vagina and give him the remote. Hopefully, you make it through the meal.
  • Go to the grocery store. As you go down each aisle, touch or caress each other 5 times and kiss at least once.
  • Use your cell phone or camera to do a photo shoot with your partner, taking sexy shots with or without clothes. Be sure to delete the photos and or video when you finish viewing them.
  • Think of 5 new positions you haven’t done with your partner, and try them.
  • Buy some edible powder and put it in 5 different spots on your body. Tell your partner he must lick you and find where you have put each spot. To make this last longer, only put 4.
  • After sex, go get a warm wash cloth and clean your partner, dry them completely, and apply baby powder.


There are 26 to help get you started. Use your imagination to think of some of your own. This doesn’t only have to be played at Christmas. For those of us that are single, we can save these ideas and someday, if we have someone we’d like to share them with, we will be prepared. Life is too short to grow old and boring. Have fun and play safe!


Remember, you can always write to comment, ask questions, or even tell me how much you enjoyed the calendar.


Merry Christmas to all, enjoy the holidays, and hope to see you all in the new year! (some with bigger smiles)


Ciao, Velvet