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 About The Examiner

Do you have questions about The Examiner? We have answers.

What’s The Examiner all about?

The Examiner is a rejuvenated local newspaper covering human interests. We produce investigative articles, editorial projects, and locally relevant news.

Why did you call it The Examiner?

Originally this paper was called the Exeter Examiner. However, when the paper came under new ownership, because the paper serves an area much larger than just Exeter, the decision was made to change the name to The Examiner. In addition to this basic fact, we ‘examine’ local events, and happenings, to bring you the news.

Who’s behind the new publication?

The Examiner is an independent publication, based in Exeter Ontario and owned by TKA Media Inc. Since The Examiner has come under new ownership we have been growing our staff, and now have more than 15 regular contributors, in addition to the production staff.

Is it free?

The Examiner is free. It has always been a free publication supported purely by advertising. It is also our intention to keep the paper free, delivered via Canada Post, to every household in the readership area.

Who’s working for The Examiner?

We’ve hired some of the best local talent in the area. Our team includes writers, editors, and producers capable of explanatory journalism that our readers demand.

Who’s our audience?

You. If you live anywhere in the Ausable-Bayfield Watershed, we want to hear from you! Send us your news, pictures, sports updates, etc. and help make the Examiner the best community newspaper it can be.

How will I be able to keep up with The Examiner’s coverage?

Visit our site, and visit often. You can also follow us on Facebook


Contact us: Reach us at info@exeterexaminer.com