Interim CAO John Maddox lays out his agenda

By Stephanie Egelton

On May 16, South Huron’s new Interim Chief Administrative Officer, John Maddox was presiding at his first council meeting since being appointed.

Maddox gave a verbal report at the end of the council meeting, outlining four items that he would treat as priorities during his time, before requesting that Council give him direction on the next steps of these items.

The first item was regarding the Thames Road Study. This study was originally approved to proceed in June 2015, in order to study the needs of the area so development could take place. The CAO suggested circulating more information on the study for public information, for the June 20 council meeting.

The next item was the Economic Development Group. It was suggested to contact Huron County to see if a Huron County staff member could be used as a resource for South Huron economic development needs in order to steer the committee.

Another pressing item that was addressed was the search process for a permanent CAO for South Huron.

“Timeframe is important, as this process could take potentially three months,” said Maddox. Council discussed bringing in “head hunters,” or job search consultants, to find a suitable candidate. Coun Wayne DeLuca noted this would not be “a cheap option,” but it was “an important task.” As a result of this discussion, Maddox stated he would be bringing a report back to Council at the next regular meeting on June 6.

A special meeting of Council which will include several presentations regarding the ongoing CAO recruitment process, including one on behalf of Huron County and one from Nigel Bellchamber of N.G. Bellchamber & Associates Ltd. is scheduled for Monday, May 30 at 1:00 pm.